Why Aspire?

Why Aspire?

Robust selection process
Every nurse will undergo a 21-day preliminary training program in the area to be posted
Specific selections happen based on the required category
Job-specific training
Periodic refresher training and upskilling
Pre-determined/pre-planned/scheduled physician and supervisor guidance and monitoring of care delivered
Robust measures and metrics for clinical care delivered
Availability of qualified and certified home care physicians to handle emergencies
Care is delivered as per clinical guidelines and care plan developed by home care physician
All relevant services/allied services available under one roof, E.g., Physician Services, Equipment, Labs, Physiotherapy etc.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery


First Integrated Multi Dimensional Health Platform

Aspire is building the world’s integrated multi dimensional platform that aims to bring together all role players and institutions of the healthcare eco system, enabling delivery of timely and efficient service to the end customer both virtually and physically.
The platform captures and analyses the health data on a continual basis to provide the beast decision support across prevention, wellness, facilitation, Long-Term care and medical tourism

Aspire’s unique approach of providing services Virtually wherever possible , Physical only where necessary , Completely supports the customer’s desire to obtain healthcare services at customer’s convenience.

Centralized Optimization Team

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Monitoring & Optimizing three layered stake holders activities

Internal Stake Holders
End-User (Patient)
Care Providers
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Shift of home care
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