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Physiotherapy Treatment at Home

Physiotherapy has become an integral part of the healthcare system. It provides a very effective and versatile treatment that can be utilized by anyone who needs it, regardless of age, injury, or health condition. Providing a combination of flexibility and strength training, strengthening exercises, gentle stretching, and relaxation techniques can ease back pain, heal injuries, help you recover from surgeries and so much more. You do not have to go to the doctor or physiotherapist anymore to get your physiotherapy treatment. We aim to provide you with the same quality physio on call, and the best part is you can get it at an affordable price. Physiotherapy at home has many benefits for patients to enjoy. Having health issues such as chronic pain and many others often cause patients to feel uncomfortable when it comes to moving around. A physiotherapist will help with this, ensuring that the patient is able to live a healthier lifestyle and manage the pain.

Physio On Call Basic

Physio On Call Basic

What We Do

Basic Assessment & Evaluation
Pain Management with Electrotherapy
Muscle Strengthening
Improvement & Maintanance of ROM
Balance & Coordination Training
GAIT Training , Orthotics & Prosthetics
Ergonomics & Posture correction
Geriatric Care

Physio On Call Advanced

Physio On Call in Dubai - Advanced

What We Do

Manual Therapy
Medical Taping concepts
Swelling (Lymphedema) Management
Sport Injuries
Post Operative Physiotherapy
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Ortho Physiotherapy
Neuro Physiotherapy
Brain stroke Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy for Parkinsons
Cardio Physiotherapy
Lung Physiotherapy
Vascular Physiotherapy
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Pelvic floor Physiotherapy
Vertigo Physiotherapy
Manage Your Pain with Expert Doctors

Managing your condition or recovering from an injury without a physiotherapist can be hard, but thankfully there are various doctors that will help patients manage their pain. Using home physiotherapy in Dubai will help you find ways to manage your chronic pain without having to pay a fortune for treatments.

Physiotherapy Reduces Your Risk of Sports Injury

It is easy to think that physiotherapy is all about pain. But it is not. While the aim of physiotherapy at home in Dubai is to treat your pain, the treatment offered also helps you to prevent further injuries and related problems. It has been seen that improved posture, mobility, and balance can reduce your risk of falling. This reduces your risk of further injuries following an accident or even a slip and fall accident.

Physio On Call Advanced

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The goal of physiotherapy at home is to help you feel better and change the way you move in order to prevent injury. Your physiotherapist may give you exercises or suggest changes in the way you use your joints, muscles, or other body structures. You will be shown how to do these exercises safely at home. Physiotherapy is used to help improve your physical ability and quality of life. Physiotherapy helps people develop and maintain the skills they need to participate in everyday living. It can help you recover from an injury or illness, return to work after an injury or surgery, or manage a condition that causes pain and disability. If you are looking for a physio on call we have got you covered. We have the best doctors and physiotherapists who will understand your condition and provide specialized therapy. Share your requirements and allow us to help!

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